About us

Remco Technology was founded in 1995 as an engineering and manufacturing company of removable / reusable insulation covers. We are located on the North side of Chicago.

Remco Technology, Inc. is one of the leading fabricators of the insulation industry. Our brand product the RemCover is a distinctive kind of reusable insulation (patent #US 7,637,289 B1 Date of Patent: December 29 2009)

All our designers are degreed engineers which allow us to use computer generated programs to perform optimal shape of design and choose right specification based on customers information and providing heat loss and payback analysis.

Our company is an active member MICA ( Midwest Insulation Contractors Association) since 2001

Remco Technology is flexible with sizes of our contracts . We provide small contractors with one or two valve covers. Our company has long lasting relationship with US Navy and Army, delivering high quality and durability products. We are not limiting our services to certain locales - our clients are nationwide and as well as worldwide. We have fabricated and installed removable insulation blankets all over the world in countries such as Morocco, Thailand, China, Ireland, Venezuela, Canada, etc.


Remco Technology provides high quality product, ability to source, fabrication capabilities, technical support, low competitive price and limited warranty. We guarantee the product fit, materials and workmanship for a one year.

Our product is unique heat /sound insulation, specifically designed for particular piece of equipment ( custom) in accordance with client specification, that can be used to insulate surfaces of reactors, turbines, boilers, mixers, tanks, pipelines, air blowers and pumps, valve or any other equipment where temperature or noise control is required.

Our product works in wide range of surface temperatures (from as low as -50 F to as high as +2000 F) and under various environmental or technological conditions including highly aggressive ones.

Remco product allows to achieve stable thermal regime inside of the insulated equipment and in the environment substantially, reducing heat loss, emissions and industrial noise and improving safety.

We stand behind our product and are committed to providing the best customer service possible. We are not satisfied until our customer is.